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Participation in ESA projects

Czech Space Office invites you to a seminar on opportunities for participation in ESA projects

13th December 2012, Czech Space Office organizes a seminar December on Participation in ESA projects. The seminar is intended for workplaces with no or little experience with projects of the European Space Agency. Its contents are basic information about ESA and current opportunities for involvement in its activities.

In 2008, Czech Republic came in the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Czech workplaces were given the opportunity, through which they can collaborate with companies and organizations from other Member States and participate in the international space activities. The involvement is though not easy and there is need to face the high international competition.

Czech Space Office is therefore organizing a seminar, which should help Czech workplaces to overcome the above mentioned problems and facilitate the first steps to get involved in projects of the ESA. Its focus is primarily for sites that have no or little experience in working on these projects and want to expand their knowledge in this area.


Academy of science of the Czech Republic

Room 205, 2nd floor

Národní 3, Prague 1


09:00  Welcoming of the participants and presentation of Czech Space Office

09:15  Czech Republic in ESA

09:45  ESA Pragrammes

10:45  Coffee break

11:15  Participation in ESA projects

12:15  Questions and consultations

At the end of the seminar there will be given sufficient space for questions. Specific issues and questions of individual departments will be consulted with staff of the Czech Space Office at the end of the seminar on bilateral negotiations.


There is no admission fee. Those who are interested can apply via the registration form till 12th December. If you have any questions, you can contact the author of the article or the organizer of this event.