• Czech instrument on Mars

    Scientists from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics ASCR prepare an experiment for the ExoMars 2018

  • Reflections on IAC 2015

    Czech Space Office has returned from the 66th International Astronautical Congress in Jerusalem

  • IAC 2015 - Day Five

    Reflections on the International Astronautical Congress 2015 in Jerusalem - Friday

  • IAC 2015 - Day Four

    Reflections on the International Astronautical Congress 2015 in Jerusalem - Thursday

  • IAC 2015 - Day Three

    Reflections on the International Astronautical Congress 2015 in Jerusalem - Wednesday


Gisat has completed a its DROMAS project. Two types of services were created. They are intended to monitor the health of agricultural crops and provide management and decision-making support at the farm level. Performance of services will be evaluated in a follow-up project within next three years.

IAC 2015 - Day Two

TThe second day of the Congress IAC 2015 the CSO visited the Israel Aerospace Industries, started a discussion on the possibilities of presentation of Czech workplaces in the newly launched web portal ByHEAD.com, participated in the Executive Committee of the Space Generation Advisory Council and met with representatives of Astrobotic Technology.

U.S. astronaut in Prague

U.S. astronaut Scott Edward Parazynski is going to visit the Czech Republic in late August. He was involved in five missions onboard the U.S. space shuttle and seven times stepped into outer space. In Prague he will present his experience at two public lectures that will be held on Monday, August 24 in the building of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Expedition Mars at HIS 2015

Czech students presented the international educational competition Expedition Mars during the Education and Outreach section of Humans in Space Symposium 2015. Their participation was ensured through the finnancial support of the Czech Space Office, the co-organizer of the event.

Poland has its space agency

On 19 June, at the Polytechnic University in Rzeszów, representatives of Polish and foreign institutions arrived to the Forum of space and satellite technologies to discuss the potential of future development of the emerging Polish Space Agency. The discussion participated also Jan Kolář, director of the Czech Space Office.

2014 report

The annual report describes the activities and results of the Czech Space Office in 2014. In this period, the activities of CSO projects were funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in the field of international cooperation in research and development EUPRO II, INGO II and in the Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness.

HIS 2015 is over

Today has finished Humans in Space Symposium 2015 organized by the Czech Space Office in cooperation with the International Academy of Astronautics, that lasted from Monday 29th June in Prague Hotel Diplomat. At the global event successfully participated twelve of the Czech scientists.