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European Space Agency

Solar Orbiter SWA/PAS

Solar Wind Plasma Analyzer (SWA) is one of ten instruments that will be placed in the Solar Orbiter probe. Its sensors will measure density, velocity and temperature of ions and electrons of the solar wind between 0.28 and 1.4 times the Earth-Sun distance.


The objective of the SAFETREE (Satellite Support to Forest Fires Airborne Patrol) project, coordinated by Gisat, was to design, develop and verify an operational forest monitoring service in order to support forest fire danger assessment in the Czech Republic.

Epoxy Core

The syntactic epoxy foam designed for use in space was developed in the Epoxy Core project. As part of the sandwich composites for launchers it significantly reduces its total weight. Saving material is crucial for this area. At the same time, the foam retains parameters defined in the project.


CSRC company and scientists from Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the CTU finalize project ELT. The ELT project is purely Czech contribution to important international experiment ACES. Its major goal is to verify performance of new generation of extremely precise atomic clock in microgravity.

Czech instrument on Mars

The European Space Agency has selected the scientific instruments for the ExoMars mission landing platform for 2018. The WAM wave analyzer to measure changes in the magnetic field is among the six selected experiments. The proposal had been submitted by the scientific team of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics ASCR. The probe with the Czech scientific instrument will be launched in May 7, 2018.

PragSAT 2014

Students participated in the European contest called ESA CanSat Competition. Teams of high schools students are to develop and manufacture minisatellites, called CanSats, with dimensions of a soft drink can with a volume of 330 ml. The final round of the contest is held annually at Andøya Rocket Range in Norway.

Gamma-ray calibration facility

Cosmic ray consists of many types of radiations and particles, the example is gamma-ray, which consists of energetic photons. The task of this project was to develop ESA’s reference station, on which would be possible to measure and calibrate the equipment prepared for spacecraft used for gamma-ray detection.

CSO at the Amper event

Forty visitors of the international trade Amper 2014 gathered at a specialized seminar organized by Czech Space Office in cooperation with CzechInvest and ICT Alliance. The audience consisted mainly of representatives of ICT companies. CSO informed about opportunities in European space programmes focusing on telecommunications and navigation.


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