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GMES Service Elements - land monitoring

Europe satellite monitoring

Project duration: 2007 to 2009

Project manager: Tomáš Soukup

GSE Land is one of the first and most important European projects in the area of Earth observation. It is preparing conditions for the full operation of the GMES Land Monitoring Core Service. The outputs of this project are thematic mapping products based on synergies of both satellite imagery and various complementing auxiliary data. Applications of these products can be found in agriculture and soil protection, natural protected areas, forestry, water management and urban planning.

Gisat contributed to the GSE Land project by classification of land-use and land-cover in the Labe, Morava and Odra watersheds and Pilsen region for the agro-environmental monitoring. Secondly the land-cover including change detection were mapped in areas of Prague and Pilsen agglomerations for urban planning applications.

The Czech users of the GSE Land products are Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of environment, Municipality of Prague, Municipality of Pilsen and other institutions working in the domain of regional development in Pilsen and Ostrava regions.

The Czech team has been successfully integrated into the family of European land monitoring companies and continues with its activities in following projects geoland2 and Urban Atlas+.

One of the important outputs of the GSE Land are also strengthened relations with the Czech users, which is an essential prerequisite for future development of GMES services in Czech Republic.


The company was founded in 1990 as a first Czech company providing geoinformation services in the area of remote sensing. The company is oriented on remote sensing and GIS applications including satellite data retail. The wide scope of services is based on partnerships with all major Earth observation satellite data providers. Gisat has extensive long-term experiences with leadership of international projects, as well as a solid knowledge of the specific situation in countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Its clients are both public administration bodies and companies from commercial and industrial sector.

What would you name as main benefits of the project to you and your company?

“The participation in GSE Land has brought us above all new experiences. On professional level we got a chance to cooperate with European producers of similar GMES products. Secondly we also learned some peculiarities of ESA project management. This experience reassured us, that our services are at least comparable to those of our European colleagues.”