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Utilisation of mobile technologies in forest and agriculture management

New concept for agriculture and forest management including satellite imagining

Project duration: 2005 to 2008

Project manager: Karel Charvát

The project’s main objective was to set up new concept for Ambient Mobile Intelligence for Forest and Agriculture Management by means of integrated mobile communication, new navigation method and integration of spatial information (e.g. satellite imaging).

The principal project theme, which was extended also into the other items and makes up a framework of the integral project, is the spatial data integration within knowledge system that is realized on the basis of Open Standards. This theme was solved as a web portal form, which associates separate components enabling to users finding, using and dissemination of spatial data and services, whereas the priority is to insist on possibility to substitute classic data transmission with public web services. One of the most important AMI4FOR portal tools is represented by the metadata catalogue Micka, which enables data source finding according to metadata information. Next tool for setting and other dissemination of map projects is the MapMan, which enables making up of the new map composition by data assembling from internal and external servers available via web services.

Under second project theme – solution of communication and navigation system for heterogeneous network - was developed the Special Mobile Unit, which enables data transfer between different communication systems. The Unit contains own processor and modular integration of major part important communication including GPS module for detection of current position. That way it is possible inserting to Unit nearly any external sensor and save data en block or continual on remote server. 

The third AMI4FOR project theme was focused on new methods of in-situ data collection. For these purposes was developed system Teredit as a special solution for symmetrical data transfer between mobile unit and server. Collection or editing itself can be enabled by any application in common use.

Developed tools were tested on simple application use cases, which were specified on pilot testbeds – Forest Management Institute, MJM Litovel, ESA/ESRIN Frascati. The components were modified on the basis of tests results. It is supposed to develop the AMI4FOR outputs in future and implement them into next IT systems.


It is a non-profit Czech association - virtual research institute founded in 2003 by Czech participants on project Wirelessinfo IST 1999- 21056.

Main goals of Wirelessinfo association are to coordinate activities in research, new development, testing and exploitations of new information systems and technologies for data collection and data transport on the market. Wirelessinfo has a very wide field of activities with a big exploitative potential on both on Czech Agricultural market and European Agriculture market.

What would you name as main benefits of the project to your and your company?

“Project enabled development of on-line technologies on the basis of interoperability and web services – mobile collection of terrain spatial data with georeferencing; sensor data collection; ground data, sensor measurements and satellite image validation by means of web technologies. These technologies were implemented after thorough in-the-field validation in forest protection, viniculture and precise agriculture application areas. Project also provided for contact with ESA and became a starting point of long-term cooperation.”