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CSO in brief

Brief description of the Czech Space Office

Czech Space Office is a nonprofit organization that since its inception in 2003 seeking to develop space activities in the Czech Republic. Our main aim is to provide the largest and most effective involvement of Czech research, development and industrial institutions in international space projects.

We manage and publish catalog of Czech institutions with interest and experience in space projects, which is designed especially for potential foreign partners. We publish information and promotional materials about the Czech space projects and their results.

We offer professional information and consulting services for public authorities and public and private research and industrial workplaces, training on the rules of functioning of the European Space Agency and opportunities in the European space program. We offer advice when looking for project opportunities, establish contacts with foreign partners and the preparation and administration of project proposals. Every year we provide to Czech workplaces promotion at the International Astronautical Congress IAC. We provide training and educational events for schools, universities and the general public and support student projects.