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Czech Space Network

CSO has established a network for students and young proffesionals

For students and those who have began career in space, want more information on how to actively engage the area, get to know other young people with similar interests, the Czech Space Office has established the group called Czech Space Network.

On 3rd July 2015 the Czech Space Office organised the conference named Czech Space Day attended by more than 50 students and young professionals insteressted in space. Participants had the opportunity to learn about opportunities for involvement in this area and also to discuss with others with the same interest. Part of the conference was the second round of the Czech Space Competition. At the end of the conference the winner who had won a trip to the International Astronautical Congress and Space Generation Congress in Jerusalem was announced. Both activities have been organized by the Czech Space Office, together with its partners Space Generation Advisory Council, Gisat, Serenum and Czech Technical University. During the conference the CSO has indicated this is not one single event, but only a first step towards more intensive support of students and young professionals involved in space.

Now it is the time for the Czech Space Office to reveal the next step that is the establishment of the Czech Space Network. The group aims to bring together Czech students and young professionals with the interest in active involvement in space. This group will facilitate the communication, sharing information on opportunities, exchanging experiences and ideas, creating own activities, collaborating on projects and regular meetings. The group also helps to connect its members with representatives of Czech companies, universities and research institutes as well as foreign and international community.

The Czech Space Network is not going to be only a virtual discussion group. The Czech Space Network plans to launch the group's regular meetings, own projects and much more. Each activity will be presented step by step. The goal of the Czech Space Network is to develop this group and its activities involving as many members as possible. It will therefore depend on all the members, what direction the group will be heading and what activities will be selected as most interesting.

If you would like to get more information on what is going on in the Czech Space Network or you try to find some students and young proffesionals to cooperate with in the Czech Republic, contact the Czech Space Office through the author of this arcicle and also founder of the Czech Space Network.