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Czech Space Conference/Competition 2015

The CSO has organized a conference for students and young professionals

Prague, July 7 2015 - On Friday, July 3 2015 the CSO organized a conference and competition for young people interested in space together with its partners Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague (FEE, CTU) international organization SGAC and Czech companies Gisat and Serenum.

At the Czech Space Day conference held at the CTU students and young professionals have for the first time discussed their activities and experiences in space and also took the chance to explore current opportunities for involvement in this area. The event was attended by 68 of high school and university students, young professionals and representatives of universities, institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and private companies. The first part of the conference consisted of presentations of competitive articles while during the second part there were presented specific opportunities for involvement in space in the Czech organizations. The last part was  focused on the international opportunities and experiences of Czech students.

The Czech Space Competition, organized by the CSO together with SGAC and Czech companies Gisat and Serenum, was attended by 8 students between 18 and 26 years. In the first round, contestants were asked to write a scientific article on a topic related to space and in the second round to present it during the Czech Space Day. The winner became Marek Novák, a student of bachelor's degree at the FEE, CTU. In his research he explores energy harvesting implementation for novel space sensors. Thanks to the victory he may look forward to Jerusalem's 66th International Astronautical Congress and the 14th Space Generation Congress, where he will have the opportunity to present his research results.

"I am glad that we have organized the conference and competition. I have planned the realization of both activities for a long time, but now, thanks to our partners from CTU, SGAC, Gisat and Serenum, everything have became real and I thank them very much for their effort," says Michal Kuneš, the organizer of the Competition. "The goal of the conference and the competition was to bring together Czech students and young professionals interested in space and motivate them to get involved in this area. However, by the end of the conference the work hasn't finished at all. This should be only the first step to create a network connecting young people, which would enable them to communicate with one another, collaborate on various projects and other activities, to be regularly informed about Czech and foreign opportunities and to attend personal meetings once in a while," Michal Kuneš suggests the next steps.