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Spatial observation services and infrastructure in the Czech Republic

Usage of SSE technology for permition to data sources and joint connection

Project duration: 2008 to 2010

Project manager: Miroslav Nováček

SOSI was a software technology demonstration project. SOSI-CZ was one of three parallel sub-projects together comprising the multi-national SOSI endeavour. Each of the three sub-projects was performed in a different member country of the EU. The overall aim was to demonstrate deployment of ESA’s Service Support Environment (SSE) technology for land cover/land use data with multiple national data sets, with emphasis on the interconnectivity of multiple geographically dispersed service nodes, each containing local land-cover data. The two complementary projects were based in Austria and Hungary. SOSI was available on-line for a time- limited demonstration period. The SOSI-CZ project was developed by ANF DATA as the main contractor, with GISAT as a sub-contractor.

Within the context of the overall SOSI endeavour the aim of SOSI-CZ was to demonstrate a Czech national SOSI portal (SOSI-CZ) based on SSE for access to Czech land-cover data. A further aim was to independently demonstrate access to locally received MERIS (MEdium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer) data.

SOSI-CZ contributed significant software system components to the other two SOSI projects and thereby to the overall SOSI endeavour. The system was available without major downtime during the entire demonstration period between February 2010 and August 2010.

The deployment of SOSI successfully demonstrated interoperability of the distributed components through the SSE portal, and applicability of the SSE portal for enabling access to local as well as distributed satellite-image based and derived data. By using the capabilities already provided by the SSE, it was successfully shown that the local Czech land-cover data could be made available through the other national portals and vice versa. Chaining of services was also successfully demonstrated by this system.


ANF DATA was established in 1992, is a daughter company of Siemens AG Austria.

ANF DATA offers complex IT services – development of software solutions, system integration, system support, HW deliveries, consulting and training. It provides solutions both in the local and international markets in various fields, e.g. industry, energy, communications, ground segment of the space industry, and inventory management.

The ANF DATA Space department was established in 1998 and since that time has cooperated with Siemens Austria on the development of various software solutions for the European Space Agency (ESA), German Space Agency (DLR), European navigation system Galileo, and for leading satellite operators.

What would you name as main benefits of the project to you and your company?

“Our participation on the SOSI project allowed us to expand our experience into ESA’s Earth Observation technology area, in particular the Service Support Environment (SSE) technology. We expect that this experience will prove to be an important asset for future projects. A further benefit was establishing contacts with new potential partner companies with experience on ESA projects. Our experience from the PECS program also helped us significantly to be selected as the ESA Qualified Partner for the Ground System Software Related Activities (2010-2014).”