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PROgramme de Developpement d'Experiences

Solar Orbiter SWA/PAS

Solar Wind Plasma Analyzer (SWA) is one of ten instruments that will be placed in the Solar Orbiter probe. Its sensors will measure density, velocity and temperature of ions and electrons of the solar wind between 0.28 and 1.4 times the Earth-Sun distance.

Czech instrument on Mars

The European Space Agency has selected the scientific instruments for the ExoMars mission landing platform for 2018. The WAM wave analyzer to measure changes in the magnetic field is among the six selected experiments. The proposal had been submitted by the scientific team of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics ASCR. The probe with the Czech scientific instrument will be launched in May 7, 2018.

Heading towards Jupiter

ESA finalized the selection of the scientific hardware for JUICE probe with an objective of detailed planetary research of Jupiter and its moons. The probe will carry on-board 11 scientific instruments with co-developments provided also by Czech researchers. JUICE is going to start its journey in 2022 and is expected to reach Jupiter by 2030.

First year in ESA

The data of Czech Space Office (CSO) show that in early 2010 there were 14 contracts signed between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Czech workplaces because of incentive program for Czech industry. The research leader for five of them, which were recommended, is the Czech Technical University or Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and for the eleven ones are the private companies.

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