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Try out weightlessness

Czech student Stanislav Fort will try astronauts’ feelings of weightlessness during his parabolic flight Zero-G onboard a specially designed Boeing airplane. The flight is taking place on the October 8th during the closing ceremony of the international student project “Youth Inspiration Program 2011” in Las Vegas.


Students from the Department of Surface and Plasma Science at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University created a platform for stratospheric balloon flight BEXUS hybrid radiation detectors Medipix2 and Timepix. The project was implemented with the support of the team Medipix Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics CTU in Prague.

Space holidays

Thanks to the support of the CSO, Czech students will attend a summer camp at NASA in the American Huntsville, prestigious courses in Germany, Sweden or Italy or the Europe-wide competition in the construction of student satellites in Norway.

World Space Week 2008

CSO announced that the office of the United Nations in Vienna published the annual report on the World Space Week (WSW) for the year 2008. In this publication the office mentions that the Czech Republic amongst all the 63 countries of the world, which took part in this event connected with cosmonautics, took the first place in the number of events held.


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