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The new IAF vicepresident

Jan Kolar elected as new vice-president of International astronautical federation

Czech astronautics earned another extraordinary success. Director of the Czech Space Office, Jan Kolar, became a vice-president of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF). During his two-years at IAF he will focus on topics related to small countries and finance.

Kolar is also going to contribute directly to the management activities of IAF. The vote took place in the very end of the International Astronautical congress in Naples, on which also the Czech Space Office took part.  Besides of the new vice-presidents, there was the final vote of the new president of IAF, which became Kiyoshi Higuchi, deputy director of Japanese Space Agency. President and vice-presidents work together in IAF Bureau with many different objectives. They organize a number of international events, support young space professionals, collaboration with international organizations, space industry and regional space centres and they also support small and developing nations. Technical sessions of the IAC support the research and development of technology and science, having impact on the space sector and astronautics.

International Astronautic Congress (IAC) is the world’s main annual astronautical event. The Czech Space Office takes part on the accompanying exhibition and introduces Czech space activities. Czech space companies, institutions and teams have the unique opportunity for networking and establishing a communication with foreign partners, with perspective of joint collaboration on space projects. 

Despite of a high number of participants on the IAC congress in Naples, the record reached at IAC in Prague in 2010 organized by the Czech Space Office, was not broken.