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Czech Space Catalogue 2013

Catalogue of Czech industry and research institutes with interest or experience in space

In December CSO updated its space catalogue, which lists Czech industry, universities and academia interested or even experienced in collaboration on space projects. First edition, which was published two years ago, received considerably high interest by the international community. Second and updated issue now includes 78 entries and is accompanied by a simple map of individual locations.

The Czech Republic has been a member of the European Space Agency for five years. During that time, the Czech participation in European space programmes has been continuously growing. By providing this background information about space related capabilities and expertise of almost 80 Czech companies, universities and other research institutions, the Czech Space Office is contributing to integration of the Czech space industry into international cooperation in space.

CSO distributes the catalogue at all suitable occasions, at meetings with delegates of foreign companies, space agencies and other institutions, which might for Czech organizations mean potential opportunities of space research projects or purely commercial industrial space supplies.

The catalogue is available free of charge in PDF for download in the left section of this page. You can also come to pick up your printed copy at the CSO’s address.